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John's Soundbuster
Mix Template

Set up a mix in minutes, get that real Mayfair magic
Mix like a pro... Soundbuster premix

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Whats Love Got To Do with It

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Good thinking Kate
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John Hudson Mayfair

john ssl

Grammy Award winning recording-mix engineer
record producer
Mayfair Recording Studios, London UK.
Mixing Music with John Hudson

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Maxit - Mastering Simulator for ProTools

You want it LOUD - LOUDER, LOUDER!!!!

for just $99 You've got it!
"MAXiT does it"

Download, just import your audio and press play........

Your finished song will be louder than you ever thought possible
John Hudson (Mayfair guru)

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"Easy set up" & pdf instructions included in the download.

"This is a Pro Tools PRESET session that will definitely "Max your mix". If you are mixing in Pro Tools this is one powerful tool".

"Hey, I was doing a mix with a really great "performance dynamic" vocal, and to get the vocal under control ..... I tried a few plug-ins, but I have to say nothing came close to my MAX iT pre-set (left). Maxit has built in de-essing and it also gives you a slight analogue tape top end. The pre-set session works just fine with no tweaking. It's pretty good even if I say so myself".

....or are you looking for a basic Mix Template - try my "Soundbuster" Mix Preset.

"Soundbuster" Mix Template for Pro Tools

Download, set up your Mix in Minutes and get that real Mayfair magic

preset buy now


Don't bother staggering through the Protools manual - SOUNDBUSTER Mix Preset will do it all for you and uses just BASIC Protools Plugins

Access Grammy award winning engineer John Hudson's own preset.
Soundbuster gets you started while putting some real Mayfair Magic on your track. Mayfair Studios London expertise at your fingertips!

In this mix setup preset I've set up the relationship between the instruments so you get great separation and everything isn't in the same area.....John Hudson Mayfair

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